About Us

eTestingPlatform is an innovative cloud based testing platform (eTestingPlatform.com) which connects start-up, small and mid-segment companies with pool of international testers providing them testing at low cost rates. It is based on the principle of crowdsourcing. There is one time joining fees to join the portal thereafter various commercial models to work with international tester community.

Start-up and small segment companies do not focus on testing due to various reasons like lack of budget, lack of focus, lack of knowledge or lack of access to professional testing teams.

Our new innovative eTestingPlatform.com portal bridges that gap. It will be a global online cloud based solution which assists start-up/small companies understand the value of testing and have access to professional testers at low cost. Also they can connect with pool of international testers eTestingPlatform.com is powered by AdactIn Group which a leader in software test consulting with headquarters in Australia. AdactIn provide specialized Software testing services and products,providing managed Testing Services, products consulting and Training to the corporate houses that help them in improving their Quality and Testing Processes.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to be a Leader in the IT testing sphere and to be the No: 1 choice for all our customers and people.

We strive to provide the most cost effective QA/Testing solutions.

Our team members are committed to creating and innovating QA /Testing solutions to challenging technical projects by using the range of customized service models which are aligned with our clients’ needs and goals.

Our services include Software testing training, recruitment, development, services with an objective to support our existing as well as new clients by adding reliability and performance to the systems that run their business.